Sunday, 19 July 2009

Well, that didn't last long.

The 'I shall play video games all day' won't last past lunch.

Muse: Oi! Lazy!
Me: Go away. Killing monsters.
Muse: Like that needs brain power.
Me: it does! I missed a critical blow.
Muse: Whatever. Lazy lazy lazy! Can you really sit and spend the rest of the day gaming, when I'm yelling at you constantly?
Me: Unfortunately not.
Muse: Don't you want to get Termion out for querying?
Me: *nodding* Yup.
Muse: Do you think this edit will miraculously happen without your fingers touching the keyboard?
Me: No. I know that.
Muse: Do you want a stab at finishing Termion within a week?
Me: Yup...but...this week is going to be busy.
Muse: At least go finish chapter 16. You may end up doing a few more, you may not. Remember how tempermental your laptop is?
Me: Point made. Writing shall commence after lunch.

Edited to add: that never happened. The weather was perfect for watching anime, then more gaming (come on, I'll be away from it for a week!) then reading a book not due out til 2010 (review will be up now, then again nearer the release date). Now I'm settling down to read
'A Great and Terrible Beauty' by Libba Bray. Can't remember who recommended it - but thank you it looks good!

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Beth said...

Lol. Your Muse sounds like a little pest... but a good one.