Sunday, 19 July 2009

No writing this weekend....but...

Yes. No writing this weekend. Which is rather bad - only I had fun in town before, during and after having lunch with a fellow writer. Subsequently was too tired yesterday to write. And today? Well I'm off cat sitting from tomorrow until Sunday morning, so I've been catching up with book reviews, which are primed for me to press 'publish' on the relevant days. Also been reading.

Catsitting means no video gaming, so I'm now plugging in the hours while I can. Somehow there are less chores when I catsit, which leaves a great deal of time for writing (and Japanese work). There is a small possibility that I could finish Termion by the end of next Sunday. It all depends on how it goes :) I'll be doing my best with it.

Because I now have not only 1 Beta-Reader, but 2.

If anyone would like to be a 3rd B-R, you're more than welcome (deadline for detailed crit of Termion would be around 20th September).

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