Monday, 20 July 2009

Laptop update

Received an email from Sony. My laptop needs repairs. I'm to update my details and say when its available for collection.

I'm very worried about it. I'm not doing that until I know who is paying for it. So I emailed them. Since it took them best part of a week to reply from my initial query (after saying 2nd level tech was looking into it), it could be a while before I find out. I've banned myself from searching online about cost for repair. I've seen a few horror stories! Will wait and see what they say. And pray. Very hard. Because I can't afford very much!

Writing later = as long as my laptop will hold out on me!


Danyelle said...

*crosses fingers for you*

Tess said...

may they find a super cheap fix...and soon!

Beth said...

Here's to a speedy response and a low bill--or a freebie! Cheers and fingers crossed!

Yunaleska said...

No reponse. Not even one saying they'll get back to me. So much for their 24 hour reply policy!

Methinks I'll just um start a new fund and save up for a new one. That'll be a year or two!