Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday looks to be a good day.

At least so far it is. No call to sort out the alarm. No emails from Sony (currently a good thing).

So far in the hour I've been up I have

* fed the cat
* spent a good 20mins on the phone to my mother, discussing which bird cage to get, where to get supplies from

Yup, you've read correctly. I'm getting birds! 1 or hopefully 2 pairs of zebra finches! The cute little birds will tweet away during the day, will be let out (in the cage) in the garden on sunny days. They'll get lots of different toys which I'll swap around. They'll have either video or anime names. And information about them will be posted here.

If I order the cage today, hopefully it'll arrive at the beginning of the week so I can get them later on in the week. Hopefully.

* I've also eaten breakfast

I may settle down for some editing now. Maybe. Let's see how it goes. (anime is calling me...might save that for later)

Just in case Sony can't fix my laptop owing to mistaken identity, I am not spending a few hours copying files into open office format. Why waste the time now when I don't even know what's happening?

On with chapter 16, which will end up as 2 chapters, but just not now because I was too eager and set up the chapters already....will not do that again. (ie the files are all numbered by chapter number and if I muck it up now....just had brainwave. Can put '16 a' so nothing gets mucked up! :D


beth said...

I hope Saturday ends up being a great as you want! And fingers crossed about that laptop!

Tess said...

zebra finches? how adorable! can't wait to see the pics :D