Friday, 24 July 2009

Editing tonight...could be hit and miss.

Aside from the laptop saga (yes, I fully expect my laptop to shut itself off at some point today), I'm twitchy tonight after catsitting.

Correction, after leaving the residence of the kittens. I've had problems with setting the alarm, and deactiving one sensor. I have keys, bag and shoes by the door of current cat sitting residence (I had a double-booking), just in case I get a call saying 'alarm is going, please come and turn it off'. I couldn't see the neighbour to give the keys because she wasn't in.

So I'm on high alert. The poor neighbours have put up with the alarm going off once already this week (and once this evening just as I left). This worry will be over by tomorrow evening. Unlike the sony issue which has me expecting them to send the police after me. My laptop isn't stolen!

Still, I've eaten dinner, and now I'm going to finish checking emails, turn my laptop off, whiz through some Japanese revision then attempt editing.

Writing is easy compared to life right now.


Danyelle said...

I love your last sentence. *hearts and frames it*

Beth said...

*hugs* Stupid alarm ;-(