Friday, 24 July 2009

Laptop update #4...apparently I could be a thief

I think in years to come I shall look back at the saga with my laptop and laugh. For now, I'm telling Sony all I can, and praying hard it works out in the end.

I received an email back from them, asking if I'm the original owner (yes) or did I buy the machine second hand(no). Because apparently the details don't match up. Reading between the lines it implies it could be stolen! So I've given them all possible names who could have registered it, that maybe I mistyped a number, that I've been at different addresses. I even turned my laptop over, checked the serial codes and wrote them down then put it in the email. I know I put numbers down wrong sometimes, easy mistake.

I won't receive an email from them until at least Monday, because the office is now shut.

If it means they can't service it, then I'll just have to get a new one. I'm delighted that Sony is so stringent in checking laptop details. However, knowing that this is a genuine laptop, bought from a shop, well lets just say I'm more than a little twitchy at the moment. In theory I have no reason to believe my laptop is stolen, it has always been in my possession.

The saga will continue next week.

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Danyelle said...

Wow. Nothing is ever as straight forward as it seems, is it?