Thursday, 23 July 2009

Writing update

Hm yes. This thing called writing. Laptop and various other life bits took over.

Thursdays are now officially the days I don't write. Brain on strike from Japanese. Even Muse is curled up under a blanket, not even bothered to poke me.

I am very unlikely to get through 14 chapters by Sunday. So....since I did set myself 2 weeks (not just this weekend) I'm on target :)


Beth said...

*imagines a brain picketing on desk*

Could I tempt your Muse out of hybernation with some b-day cake? My mummy and sis should be bringing some back from my grandpa's birthday gathering/thing... *imagines trying to send cake through a fax machine* ROFL!

Danyelle said...

You crack me up. :D

Yay for being on target. :)

Icy Roses said...

Lol, my offer to take your muse off your hands still stands. Your muse makes me smile. :-)

Yunaleska said...

Apart from Thursdays, my muse is thankfully always by my side. I pray she never disappears. She's still yawning, but that's ok because I won't be writing until later on. She's currently sipping coffee, which is going to send her hyper. I don't mind because I've got filing lined up today at work! Could do with some entertainment while I do that.