Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday (morning)

Today is a rare day where I haven't really planned anything. Yesterday was a great success, I edited one and a half chapters making only 12 more chapters to edit! Yay!

To do list

* pack up and leave catsitting.
* Get home, unpack belongings
* Make a space for zebra cage
* Go grocery shopping, and double back on the pet shop just in case they have a cage the size I'm after.... :D

Anything else? Not right now. That could take most of the day. Oh, plus I have *eyes sparkle* a stack of manga waiting for me. Original language. *deep, happy sigh*. Ahhhhh :) Oh, must video game because I haven't for an entire week! I knew there was a reason why today didn't have a large agenda.

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Beth said...

Woot! Nice work :D I wish I could say /my/ day was as productive. *dizzy eyes*