Monday, 20 April 2009

What have books inspired you to do?

Aside from writing, of course :)

For me, it has been many things. Chasing my dreams one of them.

On the more practical side I'm attempting to grow vegetables.

Why attempting? Well, I have black fingers. I am proud of the fact that I'm a cacti killer. On several occasions. :D Very doable, trust me. One was funny because it went all squidgy in the middle.

I am attempting to grow, from seed; tomatoes, spinach, lettuce and some easy to grow and keep flowers (I can take them into work). I'll be sowing them this week. I'm after some anti-slug tape - I don't want the pellets because I don't want to kill them off. I may not like them, but I don't think its fair to kill them just because I want to grow something. They have a right to life!

Also growing (not attempting, because apparently its really easy) alfalfa sprouts! Got a special sprout grower contraption. Put a teaspoon of seeds in 250mls of water in a jam jar. Tomorrow I can transfer to the grower. I love sprouting seeds (to eat). I've been told they are really easy to grow. We shall see!

I'm also going to pick up a mushroom p-ack tomorrow. Apparently they are easy to grow. Make a lot, but I can give them away, make soup etc. I'll talk to my food most days, to help them grow. I'll pray they grow and produce yummy food for my tummy. :)

I am going somewhere with this - I'm most excited about the alfalfa sprouts because ever since reading Acorna, I've wanted a hydroponics kit. I've even looked into one - but they are expensive and require space which I don't have. So the sprout grower, and veg in pots will have to do! I run a mile at the sight of worms, so I'm praying none will appear in my pot (let me stay deluded, ok? It's safer this way).

So, what have books inspired you to do? Develop green fingers?


Windsong said...

Go you!

It's always good to find a member of the Black Thumb Association. ;) My problem, besides being allergic to plants in general, is that I forget about them. They aren't jumping up and down in front of me and reminding me they need to be fed and sunned. Thus, they die. %-)

Books inspire me to think. To look at the world differently. To see myself with new eyes.

Yunaleska said...

Well, I'll have lots of notes around my room saying 'check plants' 'feed plants' 'talk to plants' :D I've at least got to try and make this work

Windsong said...

The funny thing about notes, is that (for me) if they're there long enough, my brain stops processing them. I don't see them any more. Even if they're life or death--to the plants. ;)

Yunaleska said...

Well day 1 of sprout growing and I haven't rinsed them yet. Have to do it twice a day. We're off to a flying start!