Monday, 20 April 2009

Working up to a chapter a day

That's been my aim. Due to time constraints and other factors, that didn't happen Saturday or Sunday. But, both days I did get some writing in. Really hope to finish chapter 5 of Price Worth Paying today. I know I'm doing all I can, so I'm not beating myself up. Well, not too much :)


Windsong said...

The important thing is that you set goals and you did get the writing in. Good luck with finishing chapter five. I can't wait to start reading this, probably a little later today.


Stop beating yourself up! Don't force me to threaten to beat you up if you keep beating yourself up, because I don't think that'll do anybody any good. O:)

Captain Hook said...

You know, Yuna. You keep saying you've "finished" these chapters, and that you are writing more, but you're not posting them!! At least not PWP which is what I want to continue reading.

And she wonders why I DESPISE reading anything when there are only a few chapters up.

Yunaleska said...

....I'm sorry, ok? I'll post tonight. Promise :)

Nice to know I've gotten into some trouble today!