Monday, 20 April 2009

Book review # 5 The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd

I was impressed to even start this book, with a male protag. I hmmed and haaa'd, and gave it a go.

At first it was ok. Nothing spectacular. Then I got drawn in by the characters. There's so much depth to them, I cared about them an awful lot (predominantly male). So I kept reading.

Then I got to chapter 8, and gave up. There were just too many characters for me to follow this one through. There weren't dozens and dozens, but the dominant ones were mostly male. I like my female protags!

Please read this is you love fantasy, because there are great concepts here, and characterisation is strong. I just have particular reading preferences, that's all!

Gets a 5 star rating from me :) Content is Y rated.


Windsong said...

Thanks. It's so hard to find books that are rated Y. I'll have to check it out. Food isn't all that necessary, right? ;)

Yunaleska said...

Food is definitely necessary, Dani. Unfortunately! There are a fair number of books nearly Y rated. I skip over the non Y rated bits.

Student Cash said...


Although I agree it is fairly male dominated, there are a few female characters that are introduced as the book progresses. Definetly worth the read, but there are a lot of politics and characters in there.

Yunaleska said...

I'll mark it as one to get back to :) Thanks for this!

Plus, well, I now happily read male protag orientated books. My review blog has seen to that!