Saturday, 21 March 2009

Taking a break...or not!

#1! French books arrived! Yayness! I want to read them now...but they have to wait for holiday reading.

#2 = a well needed break. Life is hectic for me right now, with holiday preparations well under way. This has somehow taken up most of my free time, meaning that writing has been on hold. So, I'm unofficially having a break until I return from the states (April 13). usual, that plan is going to pot. At work the other day (I really had nothing else to do), I started a new wip Alien Exchange. It was supposed to be a middle grade book. It's ok, I guess. But then muse wants it to go back to YA. And, I had the idea change completely for yet another new wip. No, 2 wips. I want to cry!

Muse thinks its fun to create a brand new series. There are at least 2 books in it. The first, titled The Flower Girl, tells the finding and growth of the FMC's unique ability to do anything with flowers. I mean anything. Her trade mark weapon is flowers. Petals, stem pollen - any of them will do. If they are dried, well they can be more potent, but have some disadvantage. For now Muse is happier that there will be a book1, but wants to work on book 2.

Muse even has the first few paragraphs worked out in my head. 2nd book, Titled The White Lily, sees the FMC's abilities blossom (sorry, it had to be said). The problem is, somehow her ability is taken away (don't worry, not forever), or blocked, and she learns a new one. Not flower power, but plant power! (In this instance there is a difference). I'm debating sticking with trees, grasses ferns, or maybe heading over to fruit. I'm not kidding!

That is all I know so far. My muse refuses to divulge any more information at this time. So I'm letting her plot away, knowing something interesting will occur when the time is right. And to do that, I'm video gaming this weekend :)


Lady Glamis said...

Isn't it great how we can blame everything on our Muse? Mine is in trouble right now and I have no chocolate to bribe her with. Urgh!

Yunaleska said...

Take mine. Mine doesn't know how to have a holiday.

Merc said...

Mm, a chick who can control killer plants? Does sound fun. %-)

Yunaleska said...

That isn't the half of it Merc! Ideas for weapons with plants:

If the plant is poisonous (ie deadly nightshade), then with just one petal/berry FMC can encourage the poison to come out in great quantities to subdue a room.

If she has thorns, she can encourage them to expand exponentially, so they can be used as darts/arrows/swords :)

If she's in a field, or near flowers, she can encourage them to grow faster.

I'm having fun with this one! It's cool thinking up what I can do. :)

I hold anime completely responsible for this idea :) It gives me many fun ideas.

Problem is, the draft is info dumpy just because I'm making this up as I go along, so I'm kinda explaining it to myself as I write. Will be doing much cutting in the revision process.

Windsong said...

Your stories sound fascinating. Which is your favorite so far?

I was about to ask which holiday you were getting ready to celebrate when I caught on. Holdiay, vacation, holiday. ;)