Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Books in the post!

Not this post - the snail mail post :)

Rather happy cos getting new books!

Wanted a few for my trip to the states, decided on getting French novels because even with electronic dictionary in hand it takes me longer to read than English books. Off I went to a famous online store that sells everything including books, the French version of the site. Had a poke around, decided against continuing the two series I'm collecting at the moment because the price was a bit high.

Then came across Mercedes Lackey. In one of my illogical moods, I donated heaps of books from my shelves to the book charity box. Including almost the entire series of Valdemar. At the time it made perfect sense. I regretted it later. Very much so. The problem was, I'd read the books so much I knew the words before I read them. (Couldn't quite recite them from memory). So it made sense to let someone else enjoy them.

So...I'm going to rebuy some of the Valdemar books (not all due to content issues). Getting the arrows trilogy. If its in French (or if they did them in Spanish) I can justify it because it helps my language skills.

This is the series which got me into reading fantasy. I was over the moon to discover a book with a female protag I could identify with, and get totally engrossed in the story. Only, I first bought the second book in the series. So I then went and got 1 & 3. Then a lot more!

So I'm super happy about that (plus its nice to have something familiar (yet a little different) to keep me occupied on the plane).

Then...through family exchange of goods (I bought someone a book...instead of getting money I was more than happy for that person to buy me books when they ordered something from the huge online website which sells everything, only the english version).

So in English I am getting...

Magic Bites, Magic Strikes and Magic Burns by... (cringes because I'm doing this off the top of my head without looking) Ylona Andrews. It's definitely something Andrews. I'm not too sure the order of the trilogy either. But it was recommended by the website because I'd ordered Lisa Shearin's books (adore! Adore! Best author who communicates really well with her readers). So that'll be winging its way here!

Unsure whether I'll read that before my trip away - I've got a stack of library books to get through first. But yay for more books!

Books = a good day.


Lisa Shearin said...

You're not far off -- it's Ilona Andrews. And if you love my books, you'll love hers. The order of her books are Magic Bites, Magic Burns, and Magic Strikes. I have Magic Strikes on pre-order.

Take care!

Angela said...

Woo, sounds like you'll have a ton to read very soon!

Windsong said...

Fun stuff!

Yuna, how do you look books up in if you know the english title, but not the french title? Ex: Dragon Slippers. I'm pretty sure it was translated into french . . .

Yunaleska said...

*waves at Lisa* Cool, only 1 letter wrong. Thanks for letting me know about the order of them. I did look for your books in French...but nothing at the moment. It tends to take forever for books to be translated though.

Angela - Still got a trilogy on my bookshelf to read...never short on books these days. Usually its called the library, but I buy them sometimes.

Um, Dani what I do is I click under 'livres en francais', then I do a search on the author's name. Or I look under the genre (heros fantasie or fantastique) and they have a list of authors on the left. mostly One's I've heard of, which take me to the pages with titles in French. If you get stuck, and know the author, I can have a peek for you.

Windsong said...

Merci, Yuna. Tu est une amie formidable!

Yunaleska said...

C'est rien! J'adore les livres en francais, et je comprends le site du :) (Je l'adore parce-que il y a des livers en espagnol aussi!)