Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A book has arrived!

Magic Bites has arrived! I'm eager to read it...but I'm attempting to finish a pile of library books before I go on holiday next week. So it may just have to wait until I get back. 

My French books arrived - I'm very excited about reading them. Yay! It should keep me calm on the plane. 

Writing = definitely writing more each day now. Muse keeps coming up with more wips. :) It's fine! 

Anyone noticed the number of wips have grown?
Hoping people don't notice I've still got Hallie as my character of the week...

Things coming up on the blog: 

More book reviews
Possibly blurbs about my wips. I struggle writing short info about them, so it could be painful. 

No writing from 1st April until the 13th due to vacation. Yes, total vacation from writing, video gaming....but my Muse will be taking in the sights of America (Annapolis), so she'll be working hard. I don't often do this, taking time off for relaxing without writing, so I'm looking forward to it. 


Windsong said...

Yay for books! In French!
*tries not to feel too jealous*

*looks stern* Yes, I have noticed. *Thinks Flower Girl at Yuna* And isn't it good your title made me think of girl ninjas rather than little girls at weddings? o:)

Have fun on your vacation and welcome to the other side of the pond. :D

Yunaleska said...

*ducks head* Dani I'm sorry for having so many wips you want to read. I really am!

Girl ninja's = very good thoughts! That's kinda what its about :)

Thank you, I'm really excited about it now. I promise I'm writing now. It's after 6pm, no more critting for me today. Just writing! After chores/dinner etc.

Lady Glamis said...

Well, I certainly hope to see ONLINE when you're here in the states. Both you AND Sarah so I can say hi!