Monday, 16 March 2009

Reading speed

We are all different in the speed we read books. But lately I've been frustrated with mine. I used to read prolificly (before I discovered video games and anime). I'm getting back to reading now, but I found I was reading each word one by one.

With less time for reading each day, this was annoying, and wasn't helping me 'that book'. So I sought advice from friends. And it worked!

Best idea was to take non-distracting bookbark, and put it under the line I was reading, and move it down the page. That worked, but was a little tiresome to do. So yesterday (or the other day) I took away the bookmark after 5 pages, concentrated, and read. I took in the text, but didn't read word for word in my head. I doubled my reading speed :) Yay! And still understand the whole story, not missing anything out.

Great result! It means that from now on I really can devour books. Yay!


Lady Glamis said...

Lucky. Can I have some of that talent? I still can't believe how fast you read The Breakaway!

Yunaleska said...

:) I enjoyed it! When I set my mind to things, I can be efficient. Just takes energy and effort.

Captain Hook said...

How do you not read every word? I always do.

Yunaleska said...

Mnnn this is hard to explain. I read the words, they enter my head, but I don't read them as though I'm saying them out loud. Kinda hard to explain well.

A cat sat on the mat.

Old way, I read it word for word one at a time, which takes time.

New way, I read them all, but see it more as a phrase in one go, rather than my eyes looking at each word individually. Still taken in, but not mentally repeating them to myself.