Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My muse, Termion Finished!

Inspired by Michelle, here's a post on my muse.

She is snoring away, tucked under a home made quilt, after FINISHING 1ST DRAFT OF TERMION!

These days she is very hyperactive, a state encouraged by regular icecream, chocolate, fudge, toffee and anything sweet.

When in a mood, she'll sit on my shoulder, cross her arms, and refuse to cooperate unless I obey her wishes.

When in her editing mood, she'll sit on my shoulder, cross her arms, only to uncross them, point her hand at the laptop and screech YOU AREN'T WRITING THAT!

When in a happy I'll-let-you-have-my-ideas-freely mood, she'll sit on my shoulder, swing her legs, plant both hands on her knees and shout encouraging 'whoohoos' at me.

I love my muse.

As for Termion!

1st draft = 28 chapters = 57.4k!

Very very happy. Going to edit IE, write Gem Manipulator for light relief, then work on revision 1 of Termion.


Angela said...

Congrats on finishing!!

Lady Glamis said...

I love my Muse, too. She really is great, and we can enjoy chocolate together... if she doesn't eat it all.

We have a great relationship. I think our Muses would get along together. :)

Yunaleska said...

Aww thank you!

Tis very exciting :) My muse is giggling away at all the fun exploits Katya is going to have in Gem Manipulator. Lots of fun!

lotusgirl said...

Good she's getting a rest. It sounds like she's hot to go for the new project.

Congrats on finishing Termion! Good luck with Gem Manipulator.

Merc said...

Congrats (again) on finishing! :D Much excitement. B-)

Yunaleska said...

Oh yeah! The break last night meant I'm having more of an idea what GM will be like %-)

Thinking of having non-human species...

Captain Hook said...

Big congrats, Yunie!!!

Beth said...

Good job, Yuna!