Friday, 23 January 2009

2 days no writing, but lots of thinking

Today and yesterday are zzzz days. I may not be writing, but I've come up with ideas for two new wips!

Alien Exchange is still in the idea state. Two sets of twins, each with a brother and sister, one human, one alien, embark on a school exchange. The human twin brother is left on his world with the alien younger sister, who doesn't say a word, but isn't as innocent as she looks. The human twin sister goes to the alien planet with big brother alien. It's hard settling in. Even harder when she turns out what was dismissed as 'frequent thunder storms' is actually the intergalactic war which her home planet knows nothing about. :) Twins learn stuff about each other, and the human girl helps stop a war :) It needs more thinking from my muse. Plus...well, #2 has taken over my head.


I grew up on some of these (Mercedes Lackey). I love them. I never thought I'd write one.

Acquisitioners is my YA Sword and Sorcery wip. Set in a world where people live in islands in the air & under the sea & on the sea & on land. Transportation = variety of supersized animals (not all supersized). Story centres round magic prodigy, 16 year old NAMELESS (yes, I really don't have a name yet). NAMELESS is famous throughout all areas of the world, although a lot of the stories are myths. She is very short, always mistaken for a child. It doesn't help that she acts like one. She's tired of being with the magic guild whose missions just aren't enough fun for her. So she goes to join the Traders guild.

She doesn't make it that far. After being kicked out of an inn 3 times because of her stature, she draws the attention of the inn keeper, who nearly dunks her in an animal trough. The Twins of Darkness and Good, high-ranking members of the Acquisitions Guild, overhear the commotion. Twin of Darkness dunks NAMELESS in the trough on behalf of the inn keeper (not fair for a grown man to be seen dunking a small girl). On finding out who she is, they ask her to join them.

The three set off on several adventures for the Acquisitions Guild, driven by the desire for riches, and job satisfaction. NAMELESS is eager to acquire rare materials so she can create new magical weapons.

Twin of Darkness excells in archery.
Twin of good is pretty useless at defending herself (that's what her twin is for) but deals with all the practical issues of being an Acquisitioner (inventory of items, finding lodgings, finances). She isn't totally useless - she can make a weapon of anything which is around her. This is a skill she discovers when NAMELESS joins them (working magic requires concentration, and she has to help defend her friends when attacked).

This wip will start tomorrow!


Lady Glamis said...

Those sound like exciting ideas, Yuna. I've only read one Mercedes Lackey novel, but I really liked it.

Keep up that fantastic thinking! Your Muse has been busy. :)

Yunaleska said...

My muse doesn't stop!

Jenita said...

Can't say much about the sci-fi one (due to lack of experience), but Acquisitioners sounds really cool. :]

Yunaleska said...

Thank you! More Acquisitioners later on today - when I'll explain what I did last night to the plot...

Windsong said...

Thinking's good. ;)

Yay for your stories. They sound really good. :)

Yunaleska said...

Thanks Dani!