Tuesday, 6 January 2009

1st proper post of 2009

Blogger ate my first post!

Just to say I've been quiet, but I haven't been idle. Busy with stuff (actually started work), reading, gaming, getting back into Japanese learning...and...


So far in 2009 I've written just under 10 k, (4 chapters, or 4 and half). On chapter 21 now of Termion. If I carry on like this, I should get it written by the end of the month! Whoohoo! Very exciting prospect to have 2 novels complete!

That means 2 novels need editing. I am liking it, but it takes FOREVER!!! Well, longer than writing a first draft.


lotusgirl said...

Sounds pretty good to have 2 completed novels. Okay, so they need edits, but still. Right on track.

Captain Hook said...

You're doing great, Yuna! 10k in 6 days? Almost like you're doing nano.

Yunaleska said...


I have got 1 other novel complete...but it needs a total overhaul. So much so that everything is changing in it. I might keep some parts (I like some parts), but it needs a rewrite. (Imperial Intrigue).

Finished another chapter last night. Yay! Onto 22 tonight.

WEll, I'm kinda doing a january nano as in I want to finish writing Termion, and ideally editing Inescapable ties...but um yeah that's not really happening.

It looks as though this'll be the minimum I'll write each day :) I didn't write on the 3rd, it being a saturday. Methinks I won't take this Saturday off writing.

Lady Glamis said...

Editing can take a long time, but you know you love it. :)

For me, writing the first draft takes a lot more energy.... even if not more time.... than editing.

Yunaleska said...

Yes but Lei your first drafts seem less drafty than my first drafts.

To be fair, I think taking more time on the first revision syhould hopefully reduce the number of future revisions which I have to do :)