Friday, 9 January 2009

2008 - inspired by Inky's post

Okay, so my reply to Inky's post was way too long. So I'm putting it here!

2008 I...
Moved back in with my parents, and fully adjusted so they don't drive me mental (in a nice way, I love them to pieces).

Learnt to relax a lot more. Worry less. Take life easy (yeah..still working on it).

Completed *thinks* Imperial Intrigue. Learnt it needs complete overhaul.

Started and FINISHED what is now Inescapable ties and in the dreaded edit session. Figured out (which was why this wip happened) that I do want some religious wips to show that my religion is very cool and not what some people could think it is. Would like to sub it by the end of this year.

Came up with and started Termion. Which, just like Inky's Jesscapades, I believe would make a fab debut novel. It's not too complex
(like II, & Misty Chaos which are in the wings)

I find it funny, I'm a little gruesome in it, but its cool. The concept is there. This I hope to finish by the end of the month (at least by end feb max) and polish for subbing by the end of the year.

Came up with idea for Gem Manipulator, which again I hope to finish this year, possibly sub (yes, i have a lot of goals!). It's a 'fun' wip, hopefully light hearted. Looking forward to continuing it :) (It has the potential for sequels and prequels! As do all my wips...)

Came up with idea for Time Turner, which'll get started some point this year.

Oh and came up with idea for Power of Words...which'll also get started at some point...

Determined to make 2009 the year I start subbing!

Figured out that my genre for all my wips is hopefully going to end up as YA :) (ranging from fantasy/sci-fi-religious - broad spectrum!)

Completed a few video games. Got a new console. Realised gaming helps me relax and is good for getting my muse thinking!

Knitted a lot. Read a little. Made new friends :) Enjoyed life!


lotusgirl said...

Busy year. You've got a lot on your plate for 2009. Sounds like an exciting year.

Yunaleska said...

Yup! :D Writing like a

Lady Glamis said...

Lots done, Yuna! Great job! What will you sub?

Yunaleska said...

Termion! Really want to sub it. And IE. Depending on how quickly I work on Gem Manipulator, maybe that too!

Inkblot said...

Well done, girlie :)