Wednesday, 31 December 2008

1st day of 2009!

It will be in a few hours. I'm blogging now, because chances of blogging tomorrow are slim. I'll be wanting to game :) (last day of cat sitting).

I have developed a plan of action for my wips!

Write first draft. Post on CC in non-credit queue. (private).
Revise 1st draft. Post on CC in credit queue (private).
Revise 1st revision. Post on CC in credit queue - quite possibly public!
Hopefully not too many more revisions. Follows the same pattern.
Grab agents who represent my genre (varied, depending on the wip).

I will sub to agents in England. So far the ones I seen don't have email subs like you do across the pond...just snail mail :)

It'll put a stop to the insane amount of time I spend online when I have access to the net. Less surfing, more writing or reading!

Haven't quite finished chapt 17 of Termion, but I'm over half way on it. Very happy upon learning the word count for YA, and for working out Termion is YA :)

I'm off, hoping to sleep through any fireworks (I don't like them). It disturbs my muse big time.

Going to curl up and read Poison Study! Onto chapter 3....


lotusgirl said...

Hey there! I'm glad to have found your blog. Reading your info you have a lot in common with my daughter. She's taking Japanese this year and draws anime and writes.

I hope your new year is grand!

Yunaleska said...

Hi Lois! Nice to see you ) Welcome to the blog.

Heehee - yes, love my anime and games! It's starting off good, so I have hopes for the other 364 days...

Captain Hook said...

Yuna, best of luck with the revisions and agent search! Sorry I haven't been much help reading and critting.

Have a great new year!

Yunaleska said...

Sarah, I know why :)

Lady Glamis said...

Yuna, hope I can help you crit this year once I finish Monarch. I have a feeling I'll really like your work. :)

Good luck with editing and not surfing the net. Hehe. Blogs take up a lot of my writing time, but I love it!

Yunaleska said...

lol! You have a little bit more time some days than me glam!

Yeah, I think you might like it too! I hope so.

Lois....did you find me via CC or just by browsing?

marieconley3 said...

Happy New Year!