Wednesday, 31 December 2008

On target.

Yay! For once I can say that.

I've finished editing 1 chapter of Inescapable Ties. What? I hear you ask. That's the new title for Natsu. I have a title!

Took a good 15 minutes to come up with it. Via google, I discovered no other book has the title (which is always a let down when I think I've found a title, but discover its been used before).

It suits the story because it involves family ties, ties of faith, ties of friendship, and any other tie you can think of (oh! Even the physical ties (like handcuffs)).

It took a long time to edit the chapter. A scarily long time. But I've done it. And it's up on CC. I'm 1/4 the way through chapter 17 of Natsu. Taking a little break. I'm happy with what I've got (Jinna in aquaparadise) so far (as happy as you can be with a first draft), and I'm going to read a little Poison Study for motivation, then head back and crack on with another 500 odd words (I usually average around 2k a chapter).

I'm sure I've posted my January aim , but just in case I haven't here's what I hope I can do.

* Finish draft 1 of Termion.
* Complete edit of Inescapable Ties.
It's possible.

Not only the title changed for IT, but characters. Naim is now Rahina. :) (well, wanted to keep Nadia (even if she is a very minor character here).

My muse is coming up with the title for the sequel, which will be all from the POV of Safiya (who has no POV in IT). The Dawn of Purple. It'll deal with flashbacks to when Safiya started wearing purple trousers (which are more significant than they sound), as well as the current time when she's an outgoing protector of her tribe.

Tomorrow is 2009, and I intend to write/edit most days of the year.


Lady Glamis said...

Still can't wait to find out the significance of those purple trousers....

Yunaleska said...

Heehee. You wait til the sequel!