Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Writing underway!

Grand excitement of the week = I'm writing! Yippee!

Finished Chapter 7 of Termion on Sunday (a few hundred words). Yesterday wrote chapter 8 of Termion 2023 words. Yay! Its happening :)

I've worked out that roughly I've got 27 more chapters to write. That's for the first book. I know what's happening in the next chapter :) It involves water, 'sharks' (there is a reason for the 's) and fear. And big cats.

How do I plan my wips? Well, I think of an idea. Keep it in my head. Work on major plot thingies I want to happen, then I just write. Because ideas crop up all the time (especially on the way to work and when video gaming). If i write the plan down....it tends to subdue my muse. Who is not a force to be messed with.

I have an awful lot of stories all in my head. Maybe thats why I forget where I put things, and names of people.....what was I saying? heehee :) Not that complex really. I just pray I never get amnesia.


Chelle said...

hehehe, Maybe that's why I forget things too!!

Lady Glamis said...

Yes, amnesia would be terrible. Like losing the hard drive on your computer!

You're doing great! Sounds like a fun chapter with those sharks. :)

Yunaleska said...

Um, they really aren't sharks :) And their true identity is revealed in the chapter.