Thursday, 18 December 2008

Weekend plans = writing! writng! writing!

...and perhaps improving my spelling :) (spot the error in the title. There is no prize). I am not a bad speller. But when I'm tired/ill (which is most of the time now), my brain likes to skip around and miss letters and even words out.

Yes. I am writing.

From tomorrow ( on Friday) until I think Monday night, I am catsitting. Which means, not staying with my parents. Which means none of my games consoles (sob!) Well to be fair there are 2 consoles, but cos they are next gen (like mine) I don't have all my games saved on them. I have one.

Which means I have complete and utter peace. Just me, and a cat who needs love. *snort*. He gets a lot. The tortoises are asleep for the winter. Hector likes to wake me up at around 5-5.30am. Thanks to different medication, I usually sleep through that little wake up call. He likes to lie on my lap when I'm on the sofa. A little tricky when I'm typing.

So anyway, the plan is writing time! I have season 1 of the West Wing to finish, and I'm taking seasons 2 & 3 (yes I probably don't have enough waking hours to watch them all, but can't blame a girl for being prepared). I plan to make a large dent in Termion. I can do this. I want to do this. When I have my 'I want to succeed' mood switched on, I can do anything. Apart from speed up cooking times on my dinner, which is what I'm waiting for right now.

What has everyone got planned for this weekend?

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Lady Glamis said...

Um, writing.