Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday afternoon = slobby time!

Well, I did just get back from a yummy chinese lunch with my friend.

And, as it usually is at the moment, its gloomy outside. Which makes me feel gloomy inside and outside.

However, I have a dreaded PLAN.

I'm going to go shove an episode of Angel on, and copy my current wips, into open office docs, so i can shove them on my little laptop which takes 10 seconds to start up (really, i've timed it!) compared to 5-10, depending on how my lovely (but full) laptop is feeling. That why if i get inspiration, i can write quickly. Plus, first drafts it doesn't matter what I write on. I personally now prefer to work on revisions in word where i can track changes (can be depressing when I cut a whole load of words, but fun when I add more :D). I like it when the new word count is higher than the previous one!

Need to bake a cake after that - promised I would for work.

Still got my small cold. How does one small throat make you feel so miserable?

Plans for this week's blog

* progress on actual writing
* how I plan my wips (heehee, no detailed plan for me!)
* anything else is a bonus (truly!)


Angela said...

Way to fight the gloom! Here it looks stunning out, bright sun sparkling off the snow, but it's all a farce. -26 is not nice!

Lady Glamis said...

I really want Chinese food now.......

Good luck on your projects!

Yunaleska said...

Update in my new post :)