Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Professional disagreement with my muse

It's happening. I am having a professional disagreement with my own muse about Termion. She wants things to go one way. I'm not sure. I need help!

Here's what Muse wants.

Rogue Termions will somehow capture Bankar (whose a Termion with brains....) Jinna will be taunted (in her head) and willw ant to go rescue him.

She can't. She'll be prevented by other Termions. She'll ask why.
She'll go to the count. She'll have a go at him, and ask why she has to let her friend die (and get a step-by-step commentary in her head while the deed is being done).
She'll ask why she has to trust him (cos he asks her too). Goes off on one.
He reveals he's the one her mother said she could always trust.

I don't want it to be Bankar. It doesn't make sense. I'm wondering whether it should be her parents, cos then there'll be some intrigue and she might be allowed to go rescue them. I don't know.

Or....*light bulb moment* rogues drop hints that they have someone jinna'll like. Jinna will disbelieve them at first. But then, after all her treatment, she finally gets invited to see the count. Still probably has a go at him - why they've done this to her, have the trust convo, he releases the whole thing why Jinna is special. She'll have some tough choices to make, and life'll be interesting for quite a few chapters. Eventually, she'll find the rogue group. *Another light bulb moment* The leader of the rogues and the ones who are against the Termions is.....I'm not saying :)

Sigh. Need to think about this some more. At least I'm gaming today and tomorrow so muse can continue the professional disagreement while I'm killing things.


Lady Glamis said...

I'm about to kick my muse in the butt and set her on fire.

I still haven't finished that chapter...

Let me know if you need help with Termion. We can pm.

The Crystal Faerie said...

Sometimes, our muses like to play difficult. It's ok to dissagree. What I usually do is write it my way until I run into a roadblock. Then, in a seperate document, I write it the way of the muse. Whichever I like more after that gets continued work.

And don't worry if your muse leaves you for a while, it usually means a new one is ready to adopt you. :)

Hope all goes well with your writing.

Windsong said...

Sometimes the Muse takes us to places that are more interesting than the ones we've envisioned. This hasn't happened to me very often, but when it does I try to figure out the why behind the Muse. That often rekindles my creativity and the story ends up much stronger because of it.

Good luck! :)

Yunaleska said...

:) Thanks. I'll get to that chapt on Saturday glam. I'm finally getting what I think could end up as ideas which'll make it to paper! Muse does cooperate, just needs a lot of thinking time.

Yunaleska said...

Turns out muse just needs the right inspiration. Super cute video game didn't do it, but violent, non-cute tv drama did :) I'm getting there!