Saturday, 27 December 2008

Nice Lazy Saturday

Well, sort of :)

I had my usual Arabic lesson, and am now cat sitting (again) Which means crit time! The theory is I catch up on crits 1 day a month (new personal rule). I am critting....only most are not credited. Never mind! I'm loving what I'm reading.

I've got a personal mention (anonymous) on one of my friends' sites. And I'm remaining anonymous for it too :)

Writing - well, I edited 5 paragraphs of Natsu last night, which counts for something, right? I've worked out more in Termion, just need to write it. Might get a few words in tomorrow...but today is crit fest time!


Captain Hook said...

Enjoy your critting time, Yunie. (I won't complain if you do the two revised chapters of CS)

Have fun sort of relaxing.

Yunaleska said...

Thanks Sarah! It is fun. Just settling down to some dinner (it is nearly 7pm)

Sort of relaxing - getting lots of laughs from a character called Skippy and that's all I'm saying :) Tis fun. Finally catching up with all the nano pieces!

Lady Glamis said...

Can't wait to read Skippy! Has Lei finished it yet???

Thank you so much for reading Monarch, Yuna! It means a lot. :)