Monday, 22 December 2008

Monday! Start of a new week!

I am more cheerful in my head than in my body. Feeling delicate after yesterday - think I had a mini migraine cos had horrid headache which wouldn't go away, plus I felt really sick. Hugs to Em who probably thought I was being sick at one point....I wasn't, but I felt so rough that I took my duvet and snoozed for 30mins on the bathroom floor. The reason I did (and could) do this, is I'm cat sitting and didn't want to wake up and think I'm at my parents house. Disorientation while needing to vomit isn't a good combination.

Onto happier things, headache has gone, and feeling better. Taking it easy at work - not many are in, and I'm doing mundane things like photocopying (one of my favourite past-times) and using the excuse that the copier might need me to um do non-work related tasks while I copy. :D

I love Termion. There is no doubt I feel it could be my debut novel. About half way through it, and working out what's going to happen next. Lots will change in the redraft. More characters - I've named a lot, but then haven't used them. At the moment it could be cut down to just one book (yes, even i'm upset at that) but it means any sequels will have lots of fun in them too. I'll see how it goes. Hope to pitch it to agents by this time next year!


Lady Glamis said...

You know, after hearing about Termion, I think it would work really well as one book.


You're doing great! But I'll miss you on chat when you're back home.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did think you were being sick that one time.... lol. Glad you didn't, though.
Aww, sleeping on the bathroom floor doesn't sound fun. But at least the coolness of the tub/floor feels good if you're all stuffy with a cold.