Thursday, 15 March 2012

Finding that happy balance

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This weekend was a major revelation for me. The clue is in the title. I really did figure out what writing meant. 

I had a few things going on in life that I didn't understand, and I couldn't solve them by myself. They are things which will take time to solve, and aren't directly related to me (yet involve me. Yes I know it sounds complex - that's life for you). I wasn't feeling amazing, but I thought I'd try and write. 

An hour and a bit later I was riding on the 'I've finished a chapter' endorphins. It was about then I had the epiphany. Writing makes me feel better. 

Now that is a major discovery for me, especially at the moment when the ketamine infusion has worn off (boooo!). I deployed the tactic on Monday and Tuesday after work, and it worked stupendously. Old rule of only writing at certain times on certain days is out. I can write whenever I like, so long as I have the energy. Editing will be at set times on set days, because it requires a fair amount of energy which I have to regulate. 

Alongside that, Tuesday I came home and thought of things for others which are on my agenda. But then I thought no. I could have done things for others, but the whole concept of me managing my time better is about placing me first. So I wrote one and a bit chapters. It felt amazing! By exploring the problems for my characters I felt better equipped with dealing with the lovely life curve balls I've got bouncing about.

Acting on the result of this epiphany meant I finished my fairy wip yesterday. I'm going to continue with my anime inspired wip this weekend. Today I've used a lot of brain energy at work (proofreading, which I do occasionally as part of my job), so no writing as brain is tired.

But writing productivity is up with very little disruption to my beta reading & book reviewing. I think I've found a happy balance. 


Lisa Shambrook said...

That's so true! Funny though, I know writing always makes me feel better, but sometimes it's so hard to schedule time for it! Must work harder to sit down and write...and feel better!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

That's awesome that you figured that out - go you! I'm glad it works for you :)