Sunday, 5 February 2012

This thing called rest... now known as 'chilling'. Day one of attempting to rest is nearly over. A good friend suggested calling it 'chilling' rather than 'rest'. It did the trick. I'm  happy learning how to chill out. Sounds a fun thing to do. 

So what have I been up to today? I've been reading and watching anime. I had to put two books to one side - one at page 75, and the other at page 6. I need slightly upbeat reads at the moment. Both were quite grim, and I knew I wouldn't enjoy it if I kept reading. I will be writing partial reviews on them, as they are recent releases. I will read them sometime in the future when I'm up for them. 
I had one hour of anime - one episode of Strawberry Marshmallow

It was the first episode so Anna (the girl on the right) wasn't in it just yet. The girls were being sweet and staying up making a present and birthday cards for Nobue.

And one episode of Winx season 4. 

The girls are learning how strong the freed fairies are, and meet their match with the fairy Diana. In the next episode they will be learning Sophix (where they are at one with nature). 

This is Stella's outfit for Sophix transformation

Tonight and tomorrow more books will be read. I've actually nearly finished reading all the books which were January releases! I have a lot of February, but some are quite short. It's nice to get a little back on track. 

Ketamine is still working, which is a huge plus. Still getting used to recognising when I'm tired more often, which is probably the only down side of the infusion. 

Hope you enjoyed the weekend and did something fun.

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