Wednesday, 18 January 2012


(It's fitting that I use a picture of Musa, Bloom & Stella from Winx (copyright to original artists) to share my good news)

Smiling is what I've done since 1.30pm today, when I came home from errands and opened my post. Some of you know I'm waiting on another infusion, with a stronger drug. I thought it would be months, what with the refurbishment of the clinic. 

It turns out I'll be having it in 2 weeks! I checked at least 3 times that it said 1st February. I'm over the moon. As a much stronger drug, I think there's more probability of it actually helping me. The side effects aren't all that pleasant - if I get them -, but if it means having a bit of horridness to have lots of yayness, then sign me up! 

I might post up which drug it is after I've had it. I'm just a bit wary because I know people can have strong opinions/concerns about high-end drugs. I'm more of a 'if it helps me, side/long term effects don't matter'. With long term illness, you get to a point where you are happy to try anything. I passed that point many moons ago. 

Equally I know it might not work - I've had that happen once already, so it's nothing new. I just hate all the months of waiting that's been going on. Waiting a few weeks is so very squeesome.  

I promise to post how it goes, once I'm back in the land of lucidity. It'll probably be a tweet once I get home, and a post at the weekend. 

Roll on February!!! 

Sleep experiment update: so far, so good. Went to sleep after 11pm (after 11, I was finishing off a chapter), woke around 5.45am. Here's to another night of sleep. 


Lisa Shambrook said...

Really pleased for you, hope it works as well as the sleep experiment seems to be!

Nayuleska said...

Thank you - me too!