Friday, 20 January 2012

Nap Warrior, New Rest Protocols & Sleep Experiment Update

(See, I can use non-anime pictures. I just prefer not to)

Nap Warrior

Today I woke up 6 hours after I went to sleep (a good thing). I lay in bed, and dozed off. That proved fatal to my level of alertness today. Whenever I doze back off to sleep, I spend the day feeling sleepy. 

I wasn't alone in this - the colleague who I share an office with (we get on supremely well) was also a bit tired. So we came up with a brilliant plan. One of us would nap on our desk....

... while the other stand guard at the door. 

(This is from the anime Aria the Animation/Natural/Origination (I can't remember which season) - Akari is peeking around the door with President Aria (the podgy cat). Pretend they are guarding a door - I couldn't find an appropriate picture all that fast).

Needless to say that didn't actually get further than sharing our Grand Plan with one of our managers, who thought it was a fab idea, and wishes that we really could all do that. 

New Rest Protocols

I am currently being good when I get home and not writing. It's finally dawned on me that trying to do work on top of 'work' work is a Bad Idea. Logically, after a day of work I'm tired. So why would I do more work? 

No idea. Ask my Muse. 

Basically I was thinking 'what if the infusion works?' Following on from that was have I implemented actions into my life since having the pain that makes life more comfortable for me. I'm still not all that good at resting & relaxation. I have a tendency to keep going when I should stop, pushing on with finishing the task instead of splitting it up into smaller chunks. I tried it yesterday, just reading when I got home and instead of feeling more tired I felt relaxed. 

So it's official. A friend who has been telling me that for months has asked I write this down - which I was already doing here - so that I follow it. If anyone catches me online chatting about writing on Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri (& I haven't said that I'm having a day off) then you are most welcome to a book from my extensive collection. On work days I am allowed to read, write the odd review (not too many), play video games, watch anime, do some knitting/crochet/sewing, or some puzzles. I may chat with my Muse in my head, but I Must Not let my Muse loose on my laptop. 

Sleep experiment update

(Yes I'm an anime fan ^o^ This is Akari from the anime Aria, sleeping in her bedroom. She wears a cat ears night hat))

I'm still getting a solid 6 hours or so sleep at night, so long as I only attempt to sleep after 11pm when I'm actually really sleepy. So I will continue to do so. It's fun having re-reads before bed. Apart from when I want to skip several chapters ahead as I do now...sigh. I'm being good and not skipping chapters. 

Hope you have a good start to the weekend! 

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