Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I've reached half way!

Truly the most exciting thing today has been getting past 50% on editing Diplomatic Disaster. I'm at 53%, if we're being accurate. The reason my % had been overestimated was the fact that 1/3 of the document had random extra lines between paragraphs which wouldn't fix themselves when I adjusted the paragraph settings. But I'm over half way! Once I've completed it, I'll read it through then chuck it at my beta readers. *squeals* It's something fun and positive to think about.

I had a false happiness when I saw an Amazon package (I thought it would be Strawberry Marshmallow anime & Charlotte aux Fraises).

Instead it was misc fish products for the fish tank. Maybe it'll arrive tomorrow.

On the agenda tonight is detangling the final part of a yarn skein so it joins the rest of the skein in the fairly neat ball. I might set to work on the other skein that needs transforming into a ball, but we'll see. There will be some sewing tonight, as there's Waterloo Road on BBC 1.

Enjoy your evening!

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