Sunday, 13 November 2011

An awesome anime find!

Before I get to the main subject of today's post, it's probably best if I say how my day went. I woke up early, so I read a bit. Then I got up before 8am and cracked on with editing. I edited nearly 10% of my wip today, which feels very nice. I ended up not cutting a scene, as I thought I would, but tweaking it. 

Once lunch came around, I shut everything down, and watched the first episode of Charlotte aux fraises. 

This time round I understood it a lot better. It's very cute. There are quite a lot of dvds in the set, but hopefully I'll collect them all over time. 

Anyway, after the mini anime fest (does one episode count at a fest?), I stuck Bones on (the TV series...I'm not some strange psycho bone puzzle addict), and set some Japanese translation. On the plus side of reading Harry Potter, I will now not forget the world owl. I'm starting to gain speed in looking up words and kanji in my electronic dictionary, which is a very nifty gadget. It uses up a lot of battery though, especially when I need the light on (which is essential to write the kanji on the touch screen at the base). Hence I got a battery charger.  I so should have looked around my room, because when it arrived, I discovered two battery chargers in a drawer. Although to be fair there weren't enough AAA batteries, and I have no idea how old they are. 

A few hours later, and I've done enough translation for my lesson (I hope). I'll look it over tomorrow. I settled down to some review scheduling. I realise quite a lot of my reviews are for next year now. I must read more books which are already out.

Right, on to the amazing anime find! I've got a few of the manga for Strawberry Marshmallow. 

It's a cute and very funny manga about friends who are neighbours. I love the outfits the girls wear, there's one for each season throughout the book. Ages ago I was googling it and discovered there was an anime of the manga. Yay! 

Or not. It was super expensive on a certain online store (£60-80). Trust me, that is ridiculous money for anime. I looked on the US version of the certain online store. It was marginally cheaper, but not enough to warrent buying it. I kept checking every few months, and had given up all hope of getting it. 

How wrong I was. 

I was looking on the French version of the certain online store. Aside from Winx (which is cheaper on the French site), I haven't exactly got many dvds in French. I've got Charlotte aux Fraises, and another one, but that's it. I didn't think to look for anime. Somehow I was looking at the bargain anime boxsets, and Strawberrry Marshmallow came up. UNDER 10 EUROS! 

How could I say no? I also picked up the 2nd volume to Charlotte aux Fraises (no I couldn't justify buying all 6 volumes)

So I'm very happy, and looking forward to watching it. I might need to hunt down the rest of the manga series, as I don't think i've got it all and manga is always slightly different to the anime version. 

Tonight - well, I'm not sure. Sadly I can't edit - it's after 6pm, which is my working curfew. (*glares at friends who make sure I rest*) I can read, or watch dvds. Might do both, we'll see. I sort of need to do some sewing and tapestry work for presents which are due soon. 

Have a good evening! Do let me know what you're favourite TV show is at the moment. 

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