Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Unexpected invitation

I'm going through my emails, getting the usual sort (junk mail, more junk mail, book review request, more junk mail....) and I spy an invitation.

I read it, was a bit sceptical (I'm paranoid everyone could be out to scam me), so I googled the company. I now don't know how I got the invite! It's for a lunch in a week, and I'm not able to go, but it was just strange to get such an invitation, for a high profile company which is at the higher end market in the business world.

More normal was my editing this morning, followed by 2 hours of chatting and sewing. Been relaxing this afternoon, and settling down to try and finish off editing this chapter. Then I'd like to translate a few sentences of HP. I'm on the 3rd page! (This is a huge achievement as it is much harder to decipher Japanese grammar than I anticipated. My teacher's awesome though, so I know I'll get the hang of it eventually).

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