Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A very lazy day indeed!

Today has been...weird. I've relaxed. A lot. Which is weird. But good!

Now I'll aim for a sentence with more than a few words in! Basically after last night's epiphany that sewing & knitting are energy filled activities for me, I've been having a quiet day. I feel marginally better for not having done craft last night (although I'm shattered due to poor sleep which hopefully might start changing this weekend when I start increasing my medication).

I did a lot of surfing the net today. I was being productive - I was trying to figure out what I could make for my uni friends when we have our annual (in this case 2 year since last year didn't happen) meet up on a farm in Somerset for a long weekend of fun. First I wanted bags. Then keyrings. But I had to keep cost in mind. So I'm going for making cute little toys.

The turtle looks the happiest animal, so I've ordered 7 of those. I promise to try to take pictures of the before, during & after. I think by the 7th I'll be well practiced at it! (As far as I know my friends mostly don't look at my blogs....)

I've been figuring out more changes to my schedule (more relaxation), and will continue to follow it. It's worth it, it really is. Even if it has taken over a year to find the right balance.


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