Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bit of editing, milk from a milkman, & tonight's activity

Evening all!

Second night of extra bad sleep = very tired. I did make notes & set up templates for my editing course that I'm taking. I'm on lesson seven which deals with world building. It's fun!

I've also set up a new order to receive milk in bottles from a milkman! This is really fun - I had it when I was little (although they went from bottles to cartons at one point). It is a little bit more expensive, a) I now get organic (body is rubbish enough that I want to give it the best I can), b) it is more expensive than supermarket milk. However, there is supposed to be a difference in taste as it isn't homogenised (which shop milk needs), I don't have to try and remember when I need milk (since my memory is lousy at the moment this is a good thing). I might get some tomorrow (hopefully!), if not, probably Friday. It's a new experience! Might need to get milk insulators to keep it cool in this hot weather. Will let you know how that experience goes.

For the rest of the evening I'm doing this!

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