Monday, 27 June 2011

Diplomat Disaster: Chapter 17 is written!

Evening all! It's been quite a productive, sunny day. Work was fun - the time passed quite quickly and there were lots of laughs. Came home and as I wasn't rushed off my feet at work, quickly made a no-bake chocolate fridge cake.

By cake I don't mean sponge cake. The recipe was for chocolate (different types), melted with butter and golden syrup, then adding crushed biscuits, raisins and another fruit.

My original idea was to use up a tin of condensed milk. Even though the recipe didn't call for it, somehow I'd accidentally opened up the tin. I double checked the recipe, then went 'oh'. I then went 'oh well!' and tipped the condensed milk in the mixture. I didn't add the golden syrup (as condensed milk is rather sweet). I did then add some crunchy oaty nutty cereal for extra bulk (condensed milk made the mixture a lot bigger). I then added a packet of small pieces of honeycomb for good measure.

Once it was stirred in, I took a small amount and tasted it.

I'm still buzzing!

Sweet! There's so much sugar in that experiment that I don't think I'll need coffee tomorrow. I am wondering what time I'll get to sleep tonight. It's currently just gone 6pm, I try to go to bed at 10pm. Time will tell - I've tasted the mixture twice since I put it in the fridge to test the consistency (that's what I call it. Really I just like eating it!)

It's setting, so that's good. It'll be fine to take to work.

After that, I relaxed with one episode of Winx. The girls made their magical pets, which the humans will love and buy in their hundreds (although not many bought them yet). The Earth fairy appeared, but the Winx haven't figured out exactly who the girl is, so they didn't think anything of her as they saw her in the street.

I'm now close to finishing one fingerless glove (knitted). I'll try and post a pic when I'm done.

After that break, I thought 'I'm going to write'. I sat down to look at the last chapter I'd written for Diplomatic Disaster (the current wip I'm doing a first draft of). It turns out I'd already written the chapter I'd been planning in my head. I hadn't seen the wip for 2 months. That was a nice surprise. I then decided to go ahead and write the next chapter.

So 1,370 odd words later, chapter 17 is written! Yay! Muse just went for it. It came out quite differently from how I intended. Zui, my protagonist, she's managed to make all the girls in the room cry. Quite a neat trick! Or not. The girls think she's a chosen one, but Zui feels bad to upset them. Although she's left them smiling which has shocked her somewhat.

Anyway, time for food, dishes, then some reading! Might finish fury tonight. Might finish something else too, depending how long it takes me to get to sleep!

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