Thursday, 12 May 2011


That's life at the moment. I blink and half the day is gone!

It's manic in a good way: exam season at work - I may not deal with stressed students but I do help out staff a lot more.

Relaxing more at home - somehow reading more, but feeling more relaxed for it - I think new style reviews have made a huge difference. I've got some fun sewing projects on the go.

Books = deep happy sigh!

I'm near the end of Diplomatic Disaster, I'm making good progress with edits on Inescapable Tie (about to start work now...) Apologies if I already posted this, but yesterday (I think) I received a load of requests for books, some with a publisher a love, others were fab sounding books.I'm aiming for a big read fest while I'm off work, so I happily said yes to most of them. It's nice to have something to look forward too as I really can't think much past next Friday's treatment.

So everything's cool! Happy reading, writing/whatever you're doing.

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