Friday, 13 May 2011

No editing today - nooooooo!

It's not for lack of trying either. But I'm currently proofreading a very large document for someone I know (not a writer - technical writing thingy) so I started that this afternoon. I'd hoped to check stuff on blogger before editing, but blogger played up so that took it's gone 6pm which is my deadline for stopping all work related activities (including writing reviews - I'm allowed to read though!). So grah. But at least yesterday I discovered that I can quite easily edit after work without my body think it is work.

This weekend will be - proofreading. I need to get it done asap. I will be fitting in editing & reading though! & knitting. I'm seeing a friend next week, so I want to finish up the baby cardigan for her new daughter. It's going to work quite well becuase I'm seeing her on Thursday, and my infusion is on Friday, so I get something nice and happy before the unknown treatment.

I've no idea how I'll react to the infusion. I'm only putting the details here because googling it online, there isn't really much information from people who have had it - mostly just technical jargon. It's not a common treatment. Basically I'll have an infusion (I'm not sure of the quantities) of lidocaine, which is an anesthetic. I will feel sleepy, but the aim isn't to send me off to sleep. It can be really beneficial to chronic pain, helping reduce the pain and remind the body of what its like to feel a bit more normal. If it works, and the effects last several weeks, I can have it as regular treatment. Equally it might not work - it doesn't on everyone, and I'm ready for that. I think it'll be more a surprise if it does work - I'll be feeling much happier!

I promise to post whether or not it's helped as soon as I'm coherent, which might not be until the Saturday. My infusion is at 12pm, my family are coming with me to help me get home - I'm likely to be sleepy and maybe a bit out of it. I'll be getting up early so I can eat breakfast - if I take medication without eating I feel even more sick. But from 6am nil by mouth apart from water. No mints. No ginger biscuits. Eeeep! I expect to feel rather rough as the morning goes on. Yet oddly I'm really excited cos this could be what I need!

Have a good weekend! I'll be here with some editig progress (on page 145/190. The end is in sight!!!)

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