Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Starting to feel hyper!!!!

Evening all! It's 5.20pm and I'm feeling pretty good!

Today I did over sleep a little, which was ok since I'm on holiday. I watched one episode of Winx while working on a girl's beret (knitting), then ran a few errands, watched more Winx. Finished the beret - started doing the cute little flower to be sewn on the beret, but I mucked up right at the end so will have to do another. Couldn't face 2nd attempt today (I have done it before, not sure what went wrong). Anyway, then knitted a bit more of a toddler's sleeve, then moved on to sewing! Will try to charge camera battery and take photo soon of what I've been up to.

It's evening, so that means dinner & dishes, so its no more Winx today. Possibly finish reading a book, haven't got much left, but we'll see. I'm glad to be back to reading from tomorrow! Should get a lot read - I've got a 6 monthly check up at the hospital, so I've got a fair amount of travelling to do. Will go up early so I can have lunch there and relax. I'll be reading, probably Gallagher Girls #2 -I'll try to finish #1 before I go (only got a little left of that too). It seems to be my series that I take whenever I go to hospital. Mostly because I know it'll make me laugh. Tomorrow's appointment isn't anything major - just the usual review with my specialist. They can't do very much because everything is in the hands of the pain clinic at the moment, so it's more of a 'how I'm doing' chat.

Anything else...*thinks* I'm having cheese, celery and olive (pimento) sandwich for my snack tonight. Yummy!

Right, review to tweet, a new competition to win a book to tweet (so check out NRC after reading this post please!), another book to review & schedule. Things to do, so au revoir!


maryom said...

Sounds like a happy and productive day. Good luck at the hospital.

Nayuleska said...

Thank you! Will report in later on today.