Saturday, 26 March 2011

I love the weekend!

Because it means writing! Well, today was editing. I did nearly 4 solid hours! Possibly nearer 3 and a half  :)

I'm enjoying editing so much. I like finding the parts which are good. And I groan at the awful parts. I've even had a few sentences which make zero sense & I have no idea what my Muse was communicating to me.

What have I been up to....yesterday I read in the evening. This morning I was up early, did a bit of personal reading, then played an hour on Final Fantasy 13. I've started it again, and I'm so in love with it. I'm determined to game daily now. I'll just have to find another time to knit presents for my family when they aren't here. The reason why I gamed was because last night I was chatting with a fellow writer (we are going to write at least 2 novels together, which is an interesting process). She sent me the link to a manga she likes. I searched for it on Amazon (I don't necessarily always buy from there, it's easy as a search engine), couldn't find it. But then a game caught my eye. It was great value, looks awesome, sort of like Tomb Raider in how the girl moves and how the camera is set. I fell in love with a trailer I watched. Not my fault it jumped in my basket, is it? *looks innocent*

After gaming, I hit the editing (after a few emails etc). Post bird cleaning (to be started within 15 minutes), I intend to read and review. Now, I opened up my review blog with the intention to start getting the review post for today ready. I was so surprised when I saw I'd scheduled up a review for today. Go me!!!! I've got some more I can schedule (yay) and read too. I'll do some knitting later on tonight, probably after dinner which is my cut of time for doing things that involve my brain. Although knitting can be tricky, but it's mostly relaxing.

The sun keep poking through the clouds every now and then. It definitely isn't as warm as yesterday. Nevermind, as long as I'm snug indoors I'm happy.

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