Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Muse is back on track!

Day two of my new life schedule, and it's a writing day! So I wrote.

More accurately, I've been dragging my Muse along the writing path for the best part of 2 hours this afternoon. You'd think that after not writing for a while for a whole variety of reasons, she'd be super eager to write.

She was...and she wasn't. It was one of those days where my fingers plodded on the keyboard. I'd write a phrase, think on it, then delete it. Then write another, think on it, and delete it. Repeat every few sentences or so, and you'll see why it took me so long to complete a chapter.

I think she's just out of practice and is feeling a little lazy. Having said all that, while I was groaning over the slow writing speed, Muse did pull a few surprises out for me, which made me turn around and think wow! Her ideas mean that I need to do a lot of thinking for the stories prior to Diplomatic Disaster, but that's alright because I know she'll figure how to make one plot element viable. I think she knew I wanted to write about this group now, and this is a perfect way to reveal more about them. Got to love pirates!

So today my heroine earned the nickname 'Wildcat', (she's not overly fond of that), she's captured by the most infamous criminals in the galaxy, and attached to a device which can inflict tremendous damage to her. Moments like that make writing very fun indeed :)

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