Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It's not even 9am, and I've written a chapter :)

Predictably I woke up early today (5am, before my alarms). The past few days I've dozed until my last alarm...and then fallen back asleep. Naturally my body thinks its fun to wake early on my day off.

I didn't waste it, I had a nice read before getting up at 7am. In line with my new schedule, I dragged out my laptop not to check emails and browse the few forums I belong to but to write!

I've written all (bar 1 paragraph which I'd written yesterday) of chapter 11 of Diplomatic Disaster! Muse is finally spurring herself into action. She's having fun. Not all of the sentences were clear and dynamic, but the words have come out, and one more chapter is out there. I'm at 22,300 words now, which is over half way through (this is for a younger readership than Inescapable Ties). Just like yesterday Muse added another twist to the plot without warning. I love her when she does that.

So, what else will I be up to today? Online stuff will be done now, then I've got to run a few errands and go for a contact lens check up. After that I'm free all it'll be an anime fest while carrying on with sewing up baby clothes.

I hope you all do something fun whatever else you do today.

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Beth Overmyer said...

Nice work, Nayu! You and Muse sound like you're on a roll :-)