Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Inescapable Ties Chapter 14 is complete!

Time is precious. Writers need to write. I have to balance resting with writing/blogging/work and the rest of life.

Notice that I placed writing first in that sentence. Look carefully at the following sentence.

The way my free time has been, is reading, reviewing, blog reading, tweeting, writing, and the rest of life.

Writing was not first in that sentence. Why not? I don't know. But I had a serious chat with myself. AKA my Muse was ticked off and super mad at me. "Why are you reading blogs when you should be spending the energy writing?" she yelled. I couldn't answer why. "Why are you avoiding working on my wip?" Yeah, Muse is arrogant enough to think it is her wip, not mine. She has a point though. She works really hard in my head, and yet I've been giving her very little keyboard time. So that's changing, I'm sticking to tweeting at the moment, not really going to read blog posts (sorry...wish I had more time and energy, but I don't. Maybe if I get published I will have more time to do so!).

So this morning I settled down and wrote just over 1k, finishing off chapter 14 of IT. Whoohoo! I had so much fun. Muse was engaged, the story was mostly flowing. It was all good.

I've tweeted my review links, I've responded to emails. I haven't done any reviews today (too tired and Weds is usually my day off - day of anime! I'm actually off work until Monday, so I watched a few anime episodes to relax, and I'm going to let my Muse carry on doing what she does best).

On with chapter 15!

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