Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Inescapable Ties (Alpha version) Chapter 13 complete!

Yesterday I wrote 0. Today I wrote 744 words. But...Muse wanted to change the order that plot twists were revealed to Safiya. I was adamant they wouldn't change. Muse wrestled sentences with me. I won.

Chapter is finished. I get my way. However, Muse poked her tongue out and went nyah-nyah by creating out of nowhere a new group of characters. I see her reasoning, I will be able to use them in other wips in this universe. They rival the skills of another group of characters in a good way. (These guys are evil, the first group is good).

Ahh. I love my Muse. Now, I need to go feed her mind before bed :) With all the non-fiction I'm devouring this week, I need some fiction!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Congrats on all the writing! Woohoo! Go you!