Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A short entertaining incident with a train

Today I travelled by train. There was an incident on the return home.

I got on the train - it was the fastest one to my destination. The rolling banner in every carriage which tells you all the stops worked...until the train started moving. Then it was blank.

I'm expecting the train to stop near my station. I realise it has stopped, I rush off thinking it is my stop. There was no announcement in the carriage.

I walk a little way down the platform. See it isn't my stop.

Quickly rush back on the train. Feel annoyed there was no announcement (i was paying attention - specifically wasn't listening to music so I could hear what was going on).

The next stop is announced where I am (in the bit connecting the carriages together). You would think this is a good thing. It would be...if the announcement wasn't garbled! Luckily I knew my stop would be after the previous one, so I double checked with a fellow passenger, and got off.

You never know what's going to happen when you leave the safe confines of your house! (unless you are me and set off the fire alarm, blow a light bulb and other things).

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