Sunday, 5 September 2010

Snow is a girl :)

For a few months I've been grumbling about my birds. They have been fighting. Zack was taking feathers out from Snow's tail (or so it seemed). They really didn't like each other.

I was feeling bad that I hadn't got Zack a mate after Aeris flew the nest.

For a week or so they had been sharing the same nest which was very cute. They had got over their alpha male syndrome.

Or not. Today I spied an egg in the nest! Snow is a girl :) I'm so glad I picked a neutral name! I'm just going to leave the eggs, because they were never successful at sitting on them in the past.

That was my little surprise of the day! Ok, so part of me is leaving the eggs in the nest because I'd love to see what a hybrid of a zebra finch and a bengalese (society) finch will look like.

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