Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Scattering dust bunnies in the air

I'm here! Writing hasn't been happening for a while, life is being very life-y for me.

Improvements: I have a new camera, so in theory (I have yet to work it) it should be easy for me to upload pictures for both blogs. Yay!

Today and tomorrow I'm tidying up my room. I've cleared an awful lot of junk out. Lots of dust bunnies are under my wardrobe. A friend is staying over this week and helping me finish it off! I've made good progress today, discovered several things I'd misplaced for at least 2 years, and aim to get most of it finished tomorrow. I can organise things throughout the week. I just want everything where it is supposed to be, then I can sort through it all later.

Hopefully I'll be speeding up with both reading and writing shortly. Thank you for staying with me through this quiet period! Soon I can put up photos of my cat!!!!

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Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Yay for finding lost things and posting cat photos!