Thursday, 23 September 2010

Muse has gone AWOL

Hi everyone!

I wish I was kidding when I wrote that title. Muse left without even packing her bags. Life is being really life-y right now. I'm having to take a break from writing. I don't do this unless absolutely necessary.

I shall be not writing until at least October 12th. Possibly longer, but as of yet I just don't know. I will return. Muse will return, have no fear in that! Until then, I'm relaxing. I'm harassing my poor brain with Japanese (it is so rusty). I'm also going to read. A lot. I haven't read much lately, and it might lure my Muse out of vacation. I don't know where she's gone in the world. No postcard as of yet. As soon as I get word from her, I'll let you know :)

This doesn't mean that this blog will get dust bunnies! I shall be exploring the world with my camera. I'm hoping I can upload the video of my cat and the fish tank. If it works, I'll be very happy.

I hope you still stay around in this down time. Writers write, but they also need to step back and take breaks when life is, well, life. Doing so will improve my writing when Muse returns.

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Krispy said...

Enjoy your break! I'd love to see your kitty too. :)