Friday, 27 August 2010

Muse is stock piling fuel.

Day 3 of having a rotten cold leaves me feeling strangely happy. This is at odds with the situation. However, I'm munching (well, Muse is) through lots of books. Currently reading:

  • Catching Fire book #2 in the fantastic series by Suzanne Collins.
I'm away from home at the moment, but I'm pretty sure Mockingjay will be on my doorstep when I return. It had better be (Royal Mail, are you listening? No glitches in the post please!)

I can't honestly remember what other books I packed to read, other than a lot :)

I'm hoping the overload of wonderful books might slow down my Muse. The amount of stories she's babbling on about is insane. I love her to pieces. She needs to learn on stockpiling ideas, instead of flinging them all at me as they appear in her wonderful mind.

Back to some reading :)

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